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"Eye's Encouragement" prize raffle

"Eye to encourage together" prizes prize sweepstakes
Taipei City elementary school children second, third and fourth grade children please note that Taipei City primary school children professional vision check is completed it?

Do not forget to check out Facebook's "Eye Daddy Eye" fan page (

Fill in the "Eye Encouragement Together" prizes, complete the vision check and answer all the respondents to the question, that is, have access to coupons and Xiongtou zero wallet and other gifts,

Such as what? Hurry up to complete the Taipei City primary school children professional vision check, fill in the questionnaire to take good health to go !!

【Targets and Qualifications】 At the second, third and fourth grade of the elementary and junior high school students in this municipality, we completed the professional visual examination of the primary and secondary school children in Taipei City from July to October in 105 years and completed the questionnaire.

【Time】 Monday, September 19 to October 31, 105 (Monday)

【Activity】 Completed 105 years in July -10 months of primary schoolchildren in Taipei professional visual inspection of students to the facebook "Eye Daddy Eye Mom" ​​Fan page Fill in the "Eye to encourage together" prize winners Questionnaires and information on participants, who meet the eligibility of the full questionnaire and the respondents, you can participate in sweepstakes

【Event Award】 After the event, 250 lucky winners will be selected from the full list of eligible eligibility questions. The winners are expected to be announced on November 18, 105 (Friday) at the website of the Taipei Municipal Health Bureau (URL: Http:// and Facebook "Eye Daddy Mom" ​​page (

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