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Training and Training Course for Breastfeeding Personnel and Medical Personnel

One, the purpose: First, the establishment of community pharmacies practicing pharmacy personnel correct breastfeeding concepts, improve lactation drug safety knowledge, in order to use pharmaceutical knowledge to assist and enhance breast-feeding drug safety and quality, and then promote the community to practice pharmacy personnel Play the role of community breastfeeding support to help women continue to breastfeed, to jointly create a friendly breast-feeding environment. Second, to promote medical institutions, postnatal care institutions and community health care workers, with the right breastfeeding knowledge, increase breastfeeding professional ability and care quality, and then help and guide parents to breastfeeding successfully, nurture healthy next generation. Organized by: Taipei Municipal Government Health Bureau Co-organized by: Taipei City Union Hospital Zhongxingyuan District National Association of Republic of China Pharmacists Association (tentative) Taipei City Pharmacist Association (tentative) Participation Time: 105 August 23 (Tuesday) 8:20 am to 5:30 pm Venue: Conference Room 1, 6 / F, Chung Hsing Yard, Taipei United Hospital, No. 145, Zhengzhou Road, Taipei, Taipei City Community Pharmacies is expected to have 150 medical practitioners, pharmacists and medical institutions, post-natal care organizations and health care workers in Taipei City 12 District Health Service Centers.

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