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"2016 Physiotherapists Day - Safe Campaigns Blooming" Lecture

"2016 Physiotherapists Day - Safe Campaigns Blooming" Lecture
This event is jointly organized by the Taipei Physiotherapists' Association, the Taipei City Health Bureau and the Taipei City Sports Bureau. The purpose of the event is to promote "Safe Sports and Sports Safety", and share the healthy lifestyle with the professional physical therapists. . Let you more healthy! 25 seminars distributed in Taipei 12 administrative regions, so that all people can choose their own topic, to create their own safe movement! Another representative of the district's physical therapist, but also allow people closer to find a physical therapist.

Target groups: all the people (the day to report directly to the venue to participate in, until the full amount of Oh!)
Time: September 25, 105 (Sunday) morning 10: 00-12: 00 (press conference for the 9:45 start at the National Taiwan University Sports Complex)
Location and Topic: Details are attached
Activity Process:
On Sunday 25th September, a press conference was held at 248 Auditorium, National Taiwan University Gymnasium, at 10:00 am on Sunday, Sept. 25, at the same time as the opening ceremony of the lecture program for the whole region, "2016 Physiotherapist Day - Safety Campaign Blossom". Each district will also have two venues (24 sessions) in different locations, each of which lasts about two hours, and will be open for public safety.

Detailed locations and list of lecturers are attached. For inquiries, please contact: (02) 8773-2464

Welcome to care for your health, a safe and healthy movement together!

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