Exercise Walking

103 years of achievement

a, with the Department of Health and the National Health Department to promote "enlivened jump Health in Taiwan march": Council from 1996 onwards by the city's 12 districts health service centers continued in the community, the workplace, schools and promote walking activity, the city counted 82 walking to MRT stations and classrooms as a starting point, about 1 km workers will build walking trails 37, provide the public with more diverse sports environment.

Second, in order to create a city employee health in the workplace, a friendly working environment, improve the health of employees in the workplace fitness, the Department of Health with the Department of National Health and Welfare Department handled "together SHOW workplace health" healthy workplace exercise competition, driven by healthy exercise of Competition movement will of workplace employees to improve workplace health fitness. Municipality teams a total of five teams, including: healthy vitality 4G- GO GO GO (CHT North Branch), Sunbeam preservation Agogo (Sunbeam preservation), AIA gymnastics team (AIA Life Taiwan Branch), Canon (Canon Taiwan News Co., Ltd.) and the team Matsuyama households (Songshan District household Registration Office), and finally to get the best team award by the Canon (Canon Taiwan information Co., Ltd.) in the national final.


102 years of achievement


First, the Council and the Association Corp. Taiwan dementia in 102 years April 20 (f) Joint Civic Plaza Taipei fake "global memory and go to - home Yi moving Strides Walk", so that the public is more concerned about the loss Chi disease issues can also understand the benefits of regular exercise, a total of 4,000 participants.

Second, the government and the Taiwan Cancer Foundation in 102 years May 4 (f) artificial flowers Bo Round Hill Place handle the "2013 Pink Strides Carnival" activities, the scene is set for the same day cancer prevention and health promotion advocacy booths, so that the public understand the importance and benefits of regular exercise in cancer prevention and treatment, a total of 3,120 participants.


99 healthy fun walking contesthealthy physical activity .jpgdevelop good habits.
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101 years of achievement

a, 101 on September 23 (day) 8:00 to 12:00 double-North cooperation handle 101 annual "double-North, hand in hand paternity mobilization to walking" Strides big series, organized by the Taipei Vice Mayor Chen Hung Wen and New Xu Zhijian, vice mayor of Taipei and Shenzhen health Bureau deputy director and co-firing start walking, walking routes rehabilitation Taipei Xindian Bitan Square to the east coast of Taipei mansion waterfront plaza, the entire 8.5 km, a total of 5,024 people in this grand place setting effort.

two, namely, 3,151 people in place during the event set over five pro Mountain Trail rubbing or 5 APP punch in the date of completion of the activities to commemorate the towel exchange. 10 people completed 24 pro Mountain Trail rubbing set points, awarded special "dual pro mountain walking north Daren Award" in recognition be made public by the deputy director of Shenzhen Health Bureau.

Third, arrange fitness instructors lead the public friend before walking, respectively, after warm-up and cool-down; the two cities set up health education outreach booth at the event, through interactive games and advocacy giveaway, promotion of public participation degree.

IV sweepstakes will be the climax of the people into the activities of the day out of 92 winners get 42-inch LCD TV respectively, bicycles, walking shoes, ovens, hair dryers and commemorative T-shirt.


100 years of achievement


Council and the new North Municipal Health Bureau to 100 years October 23 (Japan) jointly handle "Double North hand in hand paternity mobilization to walking" walking a large series of activities, routes starting from the Guandu Wharf, passing through gate bridge and along walking in the left bank of eight bike paths park, counted 3,450 people to participate in activities of the day.


99 years of achievement


First, the city health promotion policy advocacy and the provision of public health card office card and set point serving at 1 January 1999 (E) 6:00 to 9:00, held in the public square "99 New Year's Day flag-raising cum jogging activity "set health promotion advocacy booths, a total of 3,000 people attended.

Second, 99 October 31 (Japan) and Taipei nurse nurses associations, jointly apply for "dynamic walking ~ 2010 National Taipei University of the Arts Getaway" campaign to encourage nurses and their families to learn, to experience walking activities, and to friends, patients and their families to promote, the number of participants counted 1,288 people.

98 years of achievement

a, advocacy dynamic life

(A) apply for pluralism walking Advocacy: set up community "walking teams", according to local conditions, providing a diversified near and Nordic walking and walking knowledge to people living close to the city's twelve boroughs.
(B) The 2009 Taipei walking carnival held a total of three games, a total of 5,024 people participated in person.
(3) Handling 2009 "Health 99 interesting race walking," a total of 600 people participated in person.
(D) and the National Normal University Department of Physical Education organized "movement seed training" to nurture the city community, the workplace and schools to promote sport for health promotion personnel, and promote the city's sports culture, enhance citizen population of regular exercise, a total of 187 people participated people.


Second, the combination of institutions and civil society, for healthy physical activity


and the Society of Nephrology handle "Walking to take a good healthy living kidney" kidney patients are encouraged to participate in walking activities, to develop good habits.


Third, the construction of a supportive environment for walking the city has 527 large and small parks, with playgrounds and schools at all levels of 8 sports center has been opened for use, the present government in recent years to promote the leveling and arcade walkways and other renovation and Safeway, a large shopping mall, department store Unicom empty bridge ...... etc., to provide the public comfortable and safe walking and diverse environment.



IV Taipei walking route twelve SAR, selected 26 walking route, a road map and publish a walking passport.