Age-Friendly City
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(1) security group

Facets second facet Indicator Code Index Name Action Plan KPI
security group traffic safety SAH8 per 100,000 elderly people in a traffic accident casualties GP8.2.1 screening accident prone intersection quarterly survey and check-in will be the focus of improvement works, education, law enforcement, advocacy, so as to effectively reduce the number of traffic accidents and casualties member, and information published on the web to alert the community the attention of passers. GP8 strengthen traffic safety mechanism /GP8.2 per 110,000 population due to traffic accidents


(2) sustainable ecology group


Facets second facet Indicator Code Index Name Action Plan KPI
sustainable ecology group Environmental Quality AH1 excellent grade rate to reach more public toilets promoting clean public toilets and cultural quality improvement plan BP2-2 enhance the quality of public toilets


(3) Friendly cultural group


Facets second facet Indicator Code Index Name Action Plan KIP
group-friendly culture Quality Education AH5 multicultural learning and exchange environment FP8.1.1 for the new immigrants of various types of courses and study area site FP8 enhance pluralistic multicultural learning environment-friendly learning environment /FP8.1 number of participants
AH2 elderly volunteers involved in the case (Chuanxin service plan) Municipality elegant silver-haired Chuanxin Service FC3.2 Number of people involved in lifelong learning Growth rate FP6.2
arts and culture AH4 cultural events throughout the year the number of participants CC1.1.1 handle multicultural activities (including topics such as new immigrants and comrades
CC1.1.2 handle high-quality cultural events to encourage people to participate)
CC1 raise public literacy /CC1.1 cultural activities the number of participants


(4) group of healthy vitality


Facets second facet Indicator Code Index Name Action Plan KIP
group of healthy vitality Health Promotion AH1 elderly person to participate in the growth rate of health promotion activities grant civil society handle old stronghold promote health promotion and Leisure, Culture and Sport, in order to promote social participation elderly.
2. to encourage elderly people to volunteer.
CP2 encourage seniors to participate in social /CP2.1 Seniors social participation passengers growth rate
epidemic prevention and quarantine AH6 GP2.1.1 upgrade over the age of 65 the rate of influenza vaccination plan GP2 sophisticated epidemic attenuated /GP2.1 vaccination coverage GP2 Epidemic Prevention / Attenuation Coverage of GP2.1
Disease Control and Prevention AH8 long-term care service utilization GP5.4.1 inter-departmental integration to promote long-term care services at the plan GP5 silver hair care /GP5.4 implement long-term care service utilization


(5) Prosperity convenient group


Facets second facet Indicator Code Index Name Action Plan KIP
prosperity convenient group Transport AH2 use public bicycle trips AP6.1.1 Taipei public bike rental station expansion plan
AP6.1.2 improve public bicycles trips
AP6 create shared economic /AP6.1 promote shared transportation schedule
AH6 Taipei Joint Bus overall service quality satisfaction survey BC4.2.1 Taipei Joint Bus service quality survey and an evaluation report
BC4.2.2 Taipei Joint Bus Operations Evaluation Service Index
BC4.2.3 bus driver traffic safety workshops and seminars to enhance the quality of service
BC4 enhance green transport usage /BC4.2 public transportation with service satisfaction