Community Building


In order to implement the "Community independent, bottom-up," the basic spirit of the community to assist the people in creative ideas, independent community participation and promote sustainable healthy living, the Ministry of Health and Welfare to promote the "Community health creating" since the Republic of China 88 years since plans, combined community strength, so that people take the initiative to explore community health issues and generate consensus and mechanisms created by the autonomous community. 91 years since the establishment of community health counseling has been to create a community center promoting healthy living program, specifically to improve the health of the community; the Executive Yuan in 1992 will be "Healthy Living Community Plan" listed as one of the key plans, and in 94 six Star program included in the Executive Yuan Fu medical community oriented aims can be combined with local resources to encourage community people can take the initiative to solve community health problems, the implementation of healthy life, healthy life of the spirit.