Workplace Health


Now the domestic industry has been transferred. In the traditional workplace health care, we usually promote labor safety, labor health examination and occupational disease prevention from the view of workplace health. However, since the domestic industry has transferred into information technology industry which pays more attention to intelligence and creative, the promotion mode of workplace health should be changed, too, further on the improving the living quality of employees; achieving the promotion projects with comprehensive workplace health, to raise the identity and demands of workplace health from entrepreneurs and employees and create better workplace environment to increase the competitiveness of enterprises, promoting employees' health and reaching the goals and purposes of health for all.



Raise the awareness of health from working employees and entrepreneurs; from the viewpoint of employees make a implementing in daily life and bring the concept of health back to families and communities, forming a plane of promotion to achieve national health; meanwhile create a more safe, friendly and healthy workplace to realize the vision of healthy Taipei City.


The advantages and benefits of workplace health promotion

For enterprises ↑Employee health and morale, production volume, service quality, company image, harmonious labour relations.
↓Work accident, sick leave rate, Health insurance costs, complaint, turnover rate.
For employees ↑health condition, knowledge and skills of health organizations, morale, job satisfaction, self-esteem, healthy families, work experience.
-labor keeping