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Accidental injury is a preventable healthy problem. injury Reduction and security improvement are the national healthy goals in 2020. In 2014, the death rate of accidental injury in this city is 17.00 per 100 thousand people, ranking 9th place, with the top three causes of transportation accidental injury (death rate of 5.27 per 100 thousand people), the rests (4.53 per 100 thousand people) and falling (4.38 per 100 thousand people).


Since 2006 the city started to make promotion of Security Community in districts, involved communities including 6 districts of Neihu, Chungcheng, Wenshan, Nangang, Datong and Xinyi; taking communities as platforms, made a integration of various forces from industry, authority, academia and people into the promotion team; with resources from public and private sectors as well as communities, actively discovered and resolved the security problems in community environments; districts achieved fruitful results by adjusting measures to their community conditions to make promotions in home, school, public field, transportation and other security policies.



In 2005, Neihu District has been certified, becoming the International Security Community which is the 94th in the world and the first in the city; Chungcheng District also certified as International Security Community in 2008; Wenshan, Nangang, Datong, Xinyi distrcts certified as International Security Community in 2010. 6 Security Communities in the city have been re-certified as the International Security Communities in the end of 2015, and the Neihu Security Community took the lead to pass the 3rd certification.